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I have loved painting and art from a very early age , but only taken my art seriously in the last two and half years. I paint in oils and my passion is Australian birds, I spend a lot of time watching birds and their antics and try to put it on canvas. I also paint portraits , and the odd landscape. I studied art for a time in Tony Moffits online art school and improved tremendously as a artist. I paint every day , and try to improve with every painting I do. I only use good quality canvas and oil paints. All paintings on this site are for sale, please feel free to contact me on southern_skies@hotmail.com
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Friday, July 15, 2011

" He's watching us "

Oil painting of local signpost with kookaburra and blue wrens  24"by 20"  SOLD
Oil painting of a Spotted Harrier 24"by 20"  Sold

I want my mum.

A Oil painting of a young kingfisher  6"by8"  SOLD
Oil painting of Eastern Rosella ...10" by 12"  SOLD

" Where have you been ..."

A painting of Sulpher crested cockatoos
5ft by 4ft  Oil on canvas  SOLD

Thursday, January 28, 2010

On top of the world

                    Oil painting  91cm by60.5  [36" by 24" ]

Wonder if I should eat this

                  Oil painting  45.5 cm by 35.5cm [ 16" by 12" ] SOLD

" Which one is going to feed us. "

                Oil painting    61cm by 45.5   [24" by 18 " ] SOLD

" Hey, why can't I go first. "

                                          Oil painting  76cm by 50.5   [30" by 20" ]

" Back off , mate. "

                                            Oil  painting 20" by 16"

" Open wide "

                                                   Oil painting 12" by 16 "

" Good morning kids "

                                          Oil painting  12" by 16 "  SOLD

" Hey, you're in my space "

This oil painting is 36 " by 24 " SOLD   

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Your'e Cheeky ,Son "

This is a oil painting of a young Crimson Rosella with two adults, it will take two to three years before the young bird will get adult colours   SOLD

"The sun is coming up "

This is a oil painting of the Australian Kookaburra.
It is 30 by 40cm

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

" Found You "

This is a oil painting of a male and female Grey Shrike Thrushes, they have a beautiful 'ringing' song and are a common resident in forest and woodland throughout mainland Australia and Tasmania .The Male bird is sitting in a Weeping Golden Elm tree
This painting is 30 by 40cm    SOLD

Monday, July 13, 2009

This oil painting is of Australia's Sulpher Crested Cockatoos

'She's Mine"

This oil painting is of two male King Parrots and one female, they live in the mountains in Eastern Victoria, and come down to woodlands in winter looking for food...

The Moon of a bushfire

This oil painting is of the Moon in the bushfires that devasted Victoria , Australia in february 2009. This painting is 22.9 by 30.5 cm

The sun of a Bushfire

This painting is of the sun in Australia's devasting bush fires that burned through the State of Victoria in February 2009 This painting is 22.9 by 30.5 cm

Sunday, July 12, 2009


This is an oil painting of two aboriginal kids, and is painted from a photograph from the Age Newspaper, the photgrapher was a Mr. Cassey and with his permission , I painted this with a lot of passion. It is 50 by 40 cm  SOLD
This oil painting is of the White Plummed Honey Eater which is commonly found in South Eastern Victoria, central and mid Western Australia and inland Queensland. This painting is 30.by 20cm   SOLD

This is an oil painting of the Monarch Butterfly which is found in coastal areas of Queensland and N.S.W.. The flower is of the Boronia variety
This is an oil painting of the Cairns Birdwing butterfly ,and the flower is known as Myrtacea, this painting is 22.9 by 30.5

"Where are the Grapes"

This oil painting is of the Eastern Rosella which is found in eastern Queensland, N.S.W,and the top half of Victoria,the painting is 50 by 40cm  SOLD

The Journey

This oil painting is dedicated to three generations of sheep farmers in rural Victoria, the shearing shed in this painting is almost 100 years old, this painting is 92 by 61cm   SOLD

Saturday, April 18, 2009

This is a painting of three Red-Rumped Parrots, they are a brilliantly coloured bird , but very shy, they are found in open woodland, in inland south-east Australia, spreading towards the coast and into Queensland. They nest in hollows of eucalypts, and can have up to four chicks.
It is oil on canvas. 30cm height, 40cm width.