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I have loved painting and art from a very early age , but only taken my art seriously in the last two and half years. I paint in oils and my passion is Australian birds, I spend a lot of time watching birds and their antics and try to put it on canvas. I also paint portraits , and the odd landscape. I studied art for a time in Tony Moffits online art school and improved tremendously as a artist. I paint every day , and try to improve with every painting I do. I only use good quality canvas and oil paints. All paintings on this site are for sale, please feel free to contact me on southern_skies@hotmail.com
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

" Back off , mate. "

                                            Oil  painting 20" by 16"


  1. ha the wee buggas! Beautiful beak colour, love the shadow on the branches especially - very aussie!

  2. All of your bird portraits are absolutely wonderful. You have a way of bringing them to life.

  3. You are both very kind, thank you, I do have a passion for birds, and spend a lot of time watching them, thank you again